September 19-20, 2020


This is an incredible event. This was my second year doing it. The event is incredibly well-organized and with the strong community involvement and support, it just feels good to do it.
Jean-Paul Arsenault

"The sun shines brightly as we make our way to the starting line the next morning. It’s a cool 7 degrees C but it’s dead calm. A cyclist’s dream. Dozens of volunteers are there to help you park and offer pre-ride refreshments. Vehicles pour into the parking area, some with high-end gear, others carrying Canadian Tire specials."

Read more on Jean-Paul's Blog post "Gran Fondo Baie Sainte-Marie, 'Es-tu paré?'" 

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Facebook Reviews from 2018

This was my first EVER Fondo and I absolutely loved everything about it. The community is so much behind this event and thats what makes it even better. I am already booked in at the motel for next year so I will be back! Thanks for a GREAT weekend!

David Taylor

Great fun and food! very well organized by wonderful people

Kim Elliott-Foster

Great event, nice route, friendly people. A must do!

Un Malin

The perfect day for the perfect ride in beautiful Baie Sainte-Marie! It was also very well organized with great hospitality from the organizers, the volunteers, and the locals. My only feedback would be that as we approached the finish there wasn’t clear direction on where to ride.

Mark Peachey

Superb support by the community for this event! Felt more like I was in a parade, than on a Bike Ride. My Wife, The Non Bicyclist, is even considering doing it next year.

Joe Baker

Fantastic event, congratulations to all of the organizers and especially the volunteers. Well done all involved. Had a great time and will do it again.

Mike Ware

Awesome day, well organized, weather was perfect, volunteers were the best and the community was so supportive. An event not to be missed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dianne Penfound

The people in the community are so enthusiastic about the event - it makes it extra fun!

Diane Mombourquette

This was my first Gran Fondo. Did the Medio this year with goal to return and do the Gran next year. Having left my home town of Clare 32 years ago to work in Halifax it was great to be part of such an event in a place I will always call “home”. Thanks to all the organizers and volunteers. I am still on a high from yesterday’s amazing event.

Annet Marie

Another great day. Ordered perfect weather and no wind.

Douglas Lockerby

My first ever Fondo and had a great time on the 118/130 and will be back next for more

Dave Hallidayy

The Gran Fondo was very well organized and the volunteers of Clare did a fantastic job, it was very well supported by the community. Without them we would not have had this great day. A Big Big Thank You!!!  We may live in a small community but we sure have good people. Thank You!!!

Lisa Stuart

This is a well organized event with a beautiful, If challenging, course. The whole town rallies together to put on the event and everyone is made to feel very welcome. This is one of the most beautiful parts of the province and I would recommend this event to anyone looking for a quality cycling event in NS.

Cathy Carter

Very well organized. Amazing volunteers. Great post race food!

Charles Plourde

third time this year and always a great ride. Beautiful scenic roads and beautiful people.

Neil Marc Pothier

First time at the event and in a word- Brilliant !!!! From the online registration to check in to race day to the meal the organizers and volunteers were helpful and cheerful. Everything went very smooth and of course the outstanding race day weather was icing on the cake. Thank you for a great Gran Fondo experience.

Paul Edwards

Email testimonials from 2018

Come all the way from NJ, and yes I do a lot of Fondos, did the super fondo the ride was great and the people were super, but I have to give you some constructive criticism about the rest stops, oranges and bananas won;t do it for a 100 mile ride I stopped at 2 rest stops and that was all they had, you need GU's and PB&J sandwiches and bars, the bars at the  last one were expired, date on back said 7-01-18 and you ran out by the time my wife showed up doing the 72 mile route! all and all a great ride thanks to your volunteers!

Ken A. Levins

My wife and I traveled from Grantham, New Hampshire to participate in this years Fondo.  This was the 5th Fondo we have ridden in this year and we wanted to let you know how impressed we were with your organization, the routes and the community support.  I have never had so many people cheering, banging pots and ringing cowbells before.  Made for a very enjoyable day and we hope to return next year.!

Rod Taylor

Was at your wonderful guys nailed it. Thank you all very very much.

Justin Tait from Kentville, Nova Scotia

My husband and I had a wonderful (WONDERFUL) time in Saulnierville.  We stayed with Arleen and Paul, thanks to you, and we were treated to warm hospitality. I was especially moved to see how many folk in the community spent a good part of the day encouraging the cyclists as though they were their own cousins. It was beautiful. For all of your hard work, and your obvious love for your town, thank you!


I just want to pass along compliments to you & your great volunteers for an awesome event. It was a great event from start to finish We'll be back!!


Just wanted to let you know that my friends and I had an absolute ball at your event!! Your committee, volunteers and residents deserver a big pat on the back for a job well done. Best way I can put it is everyone was “ALL IN” to making your event a success.

Well organized, beautiful views, great roads, great food, super friendly people…see you next year!!!!!!!!!!

Richard Irvine

Facebook Reviews from 2017

This is an incredible event. This was my second year doing it. The event is incredibly well-organized and with the strong community involvement and support, it just feels good to do it. Add to that the incredible scenery on the ride, and this is the nicest ride I have done all year. In addition, the new Super Gran Fondo route was a great challenge. I'll be back next year as well.

John Douglas Trites

Amazing event - highly recommend it and I will be back. 960 riders in 2017 but not congested because it was so well organized. Great roads and scenery and fabulous food - both at the rest stops and the lobster dinner.

Sheila Cameron

Fantastic event. Well organized and well supported by the community. One of my favourite events of the year. Already have my room booked for next year. If you have not ridden in this Fondo, you owe it to yourself to do so. Congratulations on yet another awesome event!!

Lewis Hinks

So much fun to participate in this Fondo. From easy registration to riding through the celebratory arches at the end of the ride, the whole event was well organized, the hospitality, friendliness and vocal community support all along the very scenic route made for a great day. We'll done Baie Sainte Marie! We'll be back!

Janet Ness

I am so impressed with this gran fondo; it is organized, has stunning scenery, and is so fun! I highly recommend.

JennLee MacDonald

Extremely well organized and fully supported by the surrounding communities. We were spurred on by people at the roadside with bells, pots and spoons and clapping. Beautiful scenery and lots of volunteers to direct the cyclists. The weather couldn't have been better.

Alan Scott

An awesome event! Beautiful surroundings, good roads, almost nil traffic. Very well organized and all the volunteers and people cheering you on we're amazing! Will definitely be back!

Troy Berlinghoff

People, food, volunteers, organizers....from start to finish the entire event was fantastic and everyone involved including the participants made this an amazing experience!! Incroyable!!

BJ Wagner

Fantastic event, A big kudos to the staff and people of Claire and surrounding communities well done and cannot wait till next year.

Jonathan Hilder

Extremely well-organized event. Lots of entertainment, food, and fun. Thank you to all the volunteers that make this event happen.

Guy Deveau

WOW! No other words adequate! Amazing event, organization was terrific, volunteers great, scenery spectacular and support from communities en route heartwarming. Way to go Baie Sainte-Marie!

Monique Gaudet

Well organized event!! A great job was done by everyone. Thank you to everyone! I will be doing it again next year for sure!

Dora Melanson

Thanks to everyone, who played a part in putting on this wonderful event!!! We will be back!

Dave Lisa Doucette

I wish to thank the organizers and volunteers of this world class cycling event. Great work.

Daniel Thimot

Very well organized, community backed and supported, definitely will be back.

Sheldon Mcquillan

Well organized event. Great food. It was awesome the day could not have been better. Loved doing the piccolo with my daughter.

Helen Maillet

Had so much fun! A very well organized event! I will be back next year!

Jen Gorman

Great event ,well run and the people were awesome!

Kari-Lynne Drummond

Awesome event, gets better every year! Takes lots of dedicated volunteers to make it happen.

Steven Jeddry

Email Testimonials from 2017

A world class event in a small town. The 160 km Super Fondo route has all you can ask for: smooth roads, low traffic, sweeping coastal views, and plenty of rolling hills to make sure you get a good challenge. On top of all that, you get a taste of the Acadian culture with exceptional food, entertainment, and hospitality.

Steven Jeddry, Clare, NS
Steven Jeddry

The locals were so friendly and seemed so glad to have us visit their community. Acadien pur laine, I may be a bit biased, but the hospitality seemed to come so naturally to les gens de La Baie. More than a ride, the Gran Fondo Baie-Sainte-Marie is truly a genuine cultural experience. Just posted a blog at "Gran Fondo Baie-Sainte-Marie". Really enjoyed your event.

Jean-Paul Arsenault from Charlottetown, PEI

I do lots of events in England, where I live, but this was my first event in NS/Canada. It was fabulous. What stood out for me was the excellent organisation before, during and after the event and the warm and friendly welcome from the whole community. The roads were empty of traffic, you probably knew that but I didn't, which definitely would not be the case here in England. See you next year.

Tony Sharpe from Huddersfield, UK

As I made final determination to make Nova Scotia my new home, I made a list of the things I really wanted. I was looking for a change, peace and quiet, stars at night, access to the ocean, a garden, the hooting of an owl, fireflies and nearby, a major cycling event. I was elated to find that there are two such events close by during early fall. It is important to understand that the Gran Fondo Baie Sainte-Marie is not a race - it is a joyous cycling event! While the time of each rider is clocked, the flavour of the event is one of camaraderie and collaboration. Along the way riders offer cheers to one another and local residents shouted bravos, banged pots and waved with abandon from the roadside.

William Lucas from Tiverton, NS (formerly from BC)

We rode this past weekend in the Grand Fondo and was so impressed. It was our first time in that area and the hospitality and organization was top notch. We felt welcomed by your community, safe and enjoyed every moment of the 67 km, except those hills. From the Moncton, NB riders, a big thank you, job well done. See you next year...probably will still suck at the hills but, if there is lobster at the end bring them on!

Heather Doucet, Moncton, NB

Facebook Reviews from 2016

Amazing event and we will absolutely put it on our list for next year too! Thank you to the entire community! We felt so special and spoiled with your heritage and hospitality!

Melissa Ross Idfa Pro, Halifax NS

What a fabulous race and so much fun with people waving us along the route and all the attention to detail. The route was interesting and challenging. Good work everyone and thank you. I'll definitely be back again.

Jill Sherrill Smith, Glenwood, NS

What an amazing event and the highlight to my 2016 cycling season ... well except the wind ah.

Andrew Treharne, Fredericton NB

Thanks to all the volunteers and organizers! Amazing ride, great food, great music. Went off without a hitch, and all the people along the route cheering us on was fantastic!

Stefan Hadubrandson

Incredibly well organized event. Such dedication on the part of the organisers, community and local on the side of the roads. This will be on my calendar next year for sure! The lobster meal made me forget about one of my windiest ride ever, and cold too

Stephane Moulin, Halifax NS

Merci to all the volunteers, organizers, sponsors, roadside fans, other cyclists and understanding drivers for making this a memorable event again this year. Sept 23-24 is blocked out already in my 2017 calendar.

Jim Vance, Hopewell NS

Great event in a great area of Nova Scotia. I enjoyed the Acadian hospitality.

Joe Reid, Dartmouth NS

It is extremely well organized! I felt safe the whole time I was on the ride.

Danielle Jeddry, Meteghan NS

It was great. Very well organized. Thank you the organizing committee and a special thank you to all those wonderful volunteers. See you next year.

Odette Comeau, Bangor NS

Amazing! Although I am not the biggest biker enthusiast around, I can say that I'm already excited to participate again next year:)

Tania Saulnier, Saulnierville NS

Congratulations to the organizing committee. A job well done.

Rejean LeBlanc, Meteghan NS

Magic! Smiling faces everywhere. Sun, wind and grey clouds winking at each other, nudging their place between summer and fall. Orange shirted volunteers working like playful children snapping photos, serving fricot and refreshments, overseeing security. Ocean, rivers, trees and properties delivering the scenery. Residents cheering on the wayside. Cyclists’ bliss. Abundant rolling free energy bound by camaraderie. Organizers discreetly holding the show together. Individual challenges overriding competition. No politics. Just a free-spirited smile at the finish line. Lobster and musicians feeding the hungry. Harmony. Sponsors and local government answering the call of cyclists. Young, old, families. Riders from near and far. New found friendships. Transforming la Baie Sainte-Marie through a weekend of playful enchantment. Such is the Gran Fondo Baie Sainte-Marie. Grassroots magic. The kind that creates a volunteer waiting list. Community as it can and should be.

Germaine Comeau, Meteghan River NS

I Would like to thank all the organizing committee and the volunteers to make this wonderful day a success . I had three couples stay at my house again this year and they loved it :)

Renette Boissonnault, Clare NS

Facebook Reviews from 2015

Great event, well organized. Lots of locals out cheering you on. Looking forward to next year!

Erin Moniez

Amazing organization, tremendous community support, it's hard to believe this was the inaugural event!!!! Congratulations to all involved. I can't wait to bring all my friends next year to experience this ride.

David Roddis

Wonderful to see all the bikers. Congratulations to all the people who made such a large event come together.

Donna McCauley

This was an amazing event! So well organized! The people of Clare are unbelievably friendly, welcoming and encouraging. Especially enjoyed the "Worst Parade Ever!" family! What a hoot!

Elaine Ingraham Callaghan

That was awesome! You guys did a great job organising. It was wonderful to see such a huge amount of support from the community. I'll be back again.

Donna McCauley

Posts and Comments from Facebook

Thank you for organizing and bringing the Grand Fondo to la Baie St Marie. It was so well organized. ...good job everyone

Dora Melanson

It was a great success and VERY well organized!!

Melissa Doucet

It was so much fun, excellent organization and community enthusiasm. Congrats Clare!

Heather Yule

It was AMAZING! What a wonderful event showcasing an amazing community. And the entire area had its beauty on full display. Great weather and friendly faces at every turn. Best homecoming ever! Merci! Merci!

David Roddis

It was awesome to see all those bikes passing in front of my house in Bangor very well organized.

Norma Comeau

Fantastic event, thanks for organizing. Will be back next year :)

Heather Astroff

Congratulations to the organizers, volunteers and participants! It was awesome! A big thank you to those who put all this together! You did a marvellous job!!

Rose Comeau

One of the nicest bicycle events i have ever attended!!! People where wonderful.

Fenton Cunningham

It was a truly awesome day. Weather was perfect and the community of Clare were on fire for us. Thank you

Korina Murphy

I must say, there wasn't one aspect of the event overlooked! Even the community took part first thing in the morning. An awesome thing to see. Thank you! Also to the committee of Baie Sainte Marie Gran Fondo, a big Congratulations! On your success! Bravo!!

Sonya Church Misner

Had the pleasure of being back home (Clare, NS) this weekend for their first ever GranFondo (Nova Scotia's first!). Spent the day cycling with some good friends and saw many familiar faces. Such great weather and a wonderfully organized event. Amazing job to all the organizers. Looking forward to next year.

Simply For Life Sussex

Thank you for a fantastic event! First time down in this beatiful part of the province, just stunning. A big Shout out and thank you to all involved, organizers, volunteers etc and for the community who welcomed all us riders and cheered us on throughout the day. #‎bikefun

Jo Fraser

Thank you for such an amazing event volunteers were great and everything was better than expected can't wait for next year

Phil Grant

A very well organized and fun event...I can't think of anything that could be changed...thank you

Wanda McClellan

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