September 10, 2023

Christiane Thériault

Volunteer position: Registration check-in/ Massage Therapist
Day job: Massage Therapist
Hobbies: Dancing, walking my dog, biking, working out

Favourite Gran Fondo moment: I loved being able to help my good friends realize one of their goals. I was so proud of Alain Blinn and Louanne Doucet when they first opened their bike shop. Now going into the 5th year I am so proud of them, my community and everyone making the Gran Fondo happen. I feel this event brings our small town even closer together every year.
Why I volunteer for GFBSM: I love volunteering and see activities happen in my small hometown. I know that volunteers are a huge reason why things/events can happen. This is a big event for our small town and I'm always ready to help in anyway that I can. I love my home town and I will do anything to show it off!!!! Hahaha

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